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Order spit-roasted meats to take away

The spit which takes centre stage in our kitchen turns just for you, cooking cuts of meat to take away. Orders to be placed 24 to 48 hours in advance.


Prices quoted are for 4 people, the minimum order.

To be ordered 24 hours in advance:

Chicken from Ticino (Switzerland) with potatoes: CHF 24

To be ordered 48 hours in advance:

Lamb (origin France):

Leg of ‘Le Pastour’ lamb: CHF 38

Beef (origin Geneva, Switzerland)

Aiguillette of rump steak: CHF 36

Sirloin steak: CHF 52

Prime rib of beef: CHF 60

Free-range veal (Switzerland)

Fillet: CHF 70

Joint: CHF 50

Poultry (Switzerland):

Free-range Gruyère chicken: CHF 44

(for 6 people)

Pork (Switzerland)

Rack of suckling pig: CHF 46

Haunch of suckling pig: CHF 44

Fillet of free-range pork from Jussy: CHF 34

Various accompaniments are available to take away, please ask for details when placing your order.

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